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Sonax Xtreme Shampoo Wash & Dry 1Litre

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SONAX Xtreme Shampoo Wash & Dry is an economical concentrated shampoo for cleaning painted surfaces, metal, glass, plastic and rubber. It also contains a special drying agent which ensures stain and residue free drying of the treated surfaces – no drying required!

  • Cleans with special complexing agents.
  • Dries through special surface active surfactants. These form a thin water film which dries evenly with no water stains.

Directions for Use:

  • Before washing vehicle, rinse off coarser dirt with a strong water jet
  • Dissolve two capfuls of shampoo in a bucket containing 10 litres of warm water
  • Wash the vehicle with a large soft sponge
  • Immediately rinse off shampoo residue with clean water
  • Rinse out the bucket
  • Dissolve 1 capful of shampoo in 10 litres of cold water
  • Working from top to bottom, pour extensively over the vehicle. Depending on the size of vehicle another bucketful may be required
  • Allow the vehicle to dry completely


  • Do not wash the vehicle in direct sunlight or when the paintwork is hot.
  • After shampooing, it is recommended that the vehicle is rinsed immediately afterwards to avoid shampoo residue drying, or formation of water stains.
  • The vehicle can be left to dry in the sunlight.


  • Origin: Germany
  • Material: Shampoo Concentrate 
  • Product Size: 500ml 

Scope of delivery:1x SONAX XTREME SHAMPOO WASH & DRY 1litre

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