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Warranty & Repairs

All products sold through AUTO1 are covered by the Limited Warranty which takes effect from the date of purchase, and as per the terms and conditions of each product. The warranty period may be mentioned in the product information page, we recommend that you check customer support for more information before purchase if you are not clear with warranty terms.

Customer Responsibility

  1. Properly maintain, store and use your product according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  2. Take all reasonable steps to minimize the extent of any damage;
  3. Isolate damaged parts and make them available for inspection by us;
  4. Provide all information and documentary evidence with respect to the claim.
  5. You must have the original purchase receipt and this policy so that your claim can be processed.

Warranty Process

  1. In the event of any Failures or damage which might give rise to a claim under this plan please communicate with the customer care you will be assisted at the soonest.
  2. You must give the respective warranty center an opportunity to inspect the loss or damage before any repairs/ processing claims.
  3. To present a Warranty Claim, the customer must retain and present the original purchase invoice and Warranty Card (if applicable) to validate the authenticity of the Warranty claim when presenting the product for a warranty claim, maintenance and/ or repair purpose at AUTO1 Service/ Warranty Department.
  4. You will be asked a series of questions to assess the extent and cause of the damage; you must cooperate with the technician to ensure that the issue will be properly addressed.
  5. You are responsible for delivering and picking up your product from the service center.
  6. AUTO1 provides direct warranty and support service at its dedicated Service Center for product complaints and failures on brands represented by AUTO1:
    1. Tires – Tire Superstore, Shuwaikh
    2. Batteries – Battery Warranty Center, Ardiya
    3. Accessories – AUTO1 Head Office, Shuwaikh
    4. Spare Parts – AUTO1 Head Office, Shuwaikh
  1. For product complaints and failures on brands represented by other distributors, you should directly contact the respective distributor’s service center in Kuwait to seek repair/ replacement. You can Contact Us to get the distributor’s service center locations and contact details.
  2. Parts or device replaced become the sole property of AUTO1.
  3. AUTO1 is authorized to dispose of warranty claim items that are not collected by the customer after three months from the date of the Job Card (whether the product was repaired or not).

Warranty Exclusions:

  1. Warranty is applicable only on certain product categories (refer below Warranty Policy section for more information).
  2. Warranty wherever it is applicable, covers only manufacturing defects that appear during the normal operation of the Product(s), under a technical report approved by the AUTO1 Service Center.
  3. Warranty wherever applicable shall be void if purchased Product(s) fixed by a Party other than Product(s) agent authorized workshop technician along with agent's Stamped Service Order.
  4. Warranty wherever it is applicable, shall be void and will not cover malfunctions, resulting from tampering, intentional physical damage, negligence & natural disasters, misuse (including faulty installation, repair, or maintenance by anyone who is not a professional service provider).
  5. Damage to your product caused by abuse, neglect, intentional physical damage, misuse (including faulty installation, repair, or maintenance by anyone other than an authorized service provider).
  6. Damage as a result of not using the product in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and owner’s manual.
  7. Cosmetic damage (e.g., scratches, dents and broken casing) non-operating parts or components which do not affect the functionality or the covered product.
  8. Product(s) with removed or altered serial numbers.

Warranty Policy – Spare Parts & Accessories

Spare Parts are not covered for warranty. However, if you wish to return or replace a product you can do so. For more details refer to Parts Return Policy under Returns & Exchange.

Warranty Policy – Batteries

  1. Please visit the Battery service center in case of your battery breakdown.
  2. The experts can identify a specific cause of the problem and can suggest the right solution to your battery problem.
  3. Defective battery arising out of “FREE REPLACEMENT” will become the property of AUTO1 and no scrap rebate will be applicable on it.
  4. Exploded/Busted batteries are not covered under warranty.
  5. It’s normal for batteries to self-discharge slowly even if you’re not using your car. You can prevent unnecessary battery drain by simply disconnecting them — especially if you don’t plan to use your vehicle for a long time.

Warranty Policy – Tires

Limited Warranty

  1. Warranty covers all tires sold through AUTO1.
  2. Warranty will cover manufacturing defects only till one year from the date of invoice.
  3. Warranty does not cover any consequential damage/ loss to the vehicle or any kind of incidental losses
  4. Original life of tread is considered to end when its depth reaches TWI as applicable, after which calm will not be considered.
  5. Warranty applicable only if tires are mounted on the same vehicle as shown in the invoice during purchase.
  6. Vibration issues should be reported maximum within 10 days of purchase, alter which the service will be charged and replacement not entertained in any case
  7. The clam settlement for a defective tire will be made by crediting the customer for remaining tread life of the tire.
  8. The maximum claim settlement would not exceed either the net price or as replacement of a new tire of same/compatible size as per the discretion of AUTO1.
  9. In all cases, GTC's decision to accept a claim will be final.
  10. Limited warranty does not cover tyre failures (whether repairable or not) due to following but not limited to:
    1. External hazards (impact /cut/ Bruise/ Puncture through Pavements/divider ball/potholes, etc.)
    2. Improper tire size other than recommended by vehicle manufacturer or tire used with Incompatible valves, rims or wheels
    3. Tire fitted to vehicle carrying load/ running at speeds higher than load speed index on sidewall
    4. Tires subjected to improper maintenance/ willful abuse/ used in wrong applications
    5. Misalignment resulting in uneven rapid wear.
    6. Damage due to tyre mounting /demounting.
    7. Fire/ Accident/ Theft of Vandalism
    8. Mechanical defects in the vehicle.
    9. Tires used in Racing/ competition.
    10. Under inflated/ Over Inflated
    11. Climatic/ Ozone effects.
  11. Incase warranty is applicable and within aforesaid conditions, AUTO1 will settle the claim by Issuing a brand new tire of same or compatible size based on availability at the prevailing AUTO1 list price, after the customer pays the amount equivalent to the life used on the tire prior to claim.
  12. Customers are kindly requested to collect the old tyres at the time of changing new tyres and AUTO1 Is not responsible for storage of old tires.


Warranty Definitions

  1. Standard Warranty: The Limited Warranty coverage is applicable on all products purchased from the platform and the terms depends on the type of product and as per prevailing consumer protection laws for these products.
  2. Represented Brands: The brands and their products for which AUTO1 and its subsidiary companies are agents/ importers fall under this classification.
  3. Market Brands: The brands and their products which are AUTO1 and its subsidiary companies are agents/ importers fall under this classification.
  4. Special Warranty Program: Extended Warranty & Accidental Damage Protection plans may be available for purchase separately for certain product segments and brands for a period of one year only starting from the date of purchase (Terms & Conditions applied)
  5. Maximum Liability: Limited to the current market price or the purchase price of the Product, whichever less, including any qualified service repairs that has been completed under this plan. We will under no circumstances be liable to you for any indirect or consequential damages including but not limited any loss of business, profits or may result from any damage to the covered product.
  6. Deductible: The applicable deductible amount corresponding to the usage of the product against the original condition of the product at the event of any claims.

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