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Bizol Oil System Clean +O90 250ml 8883

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  • BIZOL Oil System Clean+ O90 is an engine oil additive Made in Germany especially developed for the maintainance of the entire oil system.
  • Highly effective cleaning agents dissolve soot, varnish and deposits on all surfaces, including hydraulic tappet, in the engine.
  • All deposits are removed without affecting seals or gaskets by draining the used oil. BIZOL Oil System Clean+ o90 prepares the oil system for an optimum performance of the fresh engine oil.
  • Cleaning the oil system with this product will increase compression and restore the elasticity of o-ring seal.
  • Improved compression reduces exhaust gases and thereby protects the catalytic converter and DPF.
  • This results into a noticeably smoother engine run and increased operational reliability.
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Brand Bizol
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